General Information

About Angola

Angola is located in the western region of southern Africa, with the following geographic data:
Latitude – North – 04 ° 22 ‘ G/south-18 ° 02 ‘ G.
Longitude – East – 24 ° 05 ‘ E. G/West – 11 ° 41 ‘ E. G
Surface: 1,246,700 km2
Atlantic Coast extension: 1,650 Km
Land Borders: 4,837 Km
Limited Countries to the North: Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Limited Countries to the East: Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Zambia.
Limited Countries to the South: Republic of Namibia.West: Atlantic Ocean.

The country has as its capital the province of Luanda and a total of 18 provinces, Bengo, Benguela, Bié, Cabinda, Kuando-Kubango, Kwanza-North, Kwanza-South, Cunene, Huambo, Huíla, Luanda, Lunda-North, Lunda-South, Malanje, Moxico, Namibe, Uíge and Zaire.

The climate in Angola has two seasons: the rainfall, warmer period that occurs between the months of September to May, and the Cacimbo.The Cacimbo or Seca is less hot and runs from May to September. The average temperatures of the country are: 27 ° C Maximum and 17 ° C minimum.

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